First, go to the group tab --

Here you can create your classes; once you do, a unique join code will appear as seen below. Write that code on the board or, if you're projecting this view, simply click the code and it will become large and easily readable. You can also copy and paste this view and share it with the messaging system of your choice.

Here's How Students Create an Account and Join Your Class.

The next step is for your students to create an essaypop account.

  • Have students visit:

  • Press the Sign Up button at the top right corner.

  • Select Student.

  • Enter the group join code in the box provided (code is generated by the teacher; see instructions above).

  • Next, select Sign in with Google (we recommend this authentication method, but others work as well).

Students may also create an account first, then join the group by clicking on the Join tab. They then enter the join code into the blue "groups" box.

That's it! Your students are now enrolled in a designated class and only have to do this once. Everything you assign will now show up automatically on their assignments page.

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