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Customizing Your Essaypop Profile and Look
Customizing Your Essaypop Profile and Look

It's time to bedazzle your essaypop experience!

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You and your students can customize your essaypop look and personality. Here's how:

First, go to settings.

Then select the "personalize" tab and make your creative decisions. You can make changes as often as you'd like.

Here's what your new background looks like. Don't like it? Change it again.

And here's what your Hive icon looks like. Students will see their Hive profile in the same way.

Now let's check out how to customize your classes in the Hive.

Go to the "groups" tab and customize each of your classes. This is how each class will appear in the Hive. Only teachers may control this customization.

You and your students can also customize your assignments page.

Just go to your "assignments" tab, click on a tile, and customize the color in the teacher dashboard. Students can do this from their title cards. This can be done just for fun, or it can be a great way to color-code different types of assignments.

You and your students will have fun customizing your essaypop writing spaces.

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