Select a Lesson Quickly

The quickest way to obtain a great lesson for your students is to go to our comprehensive, grab-and-go lesson library.

Read all about the lesson in great detail, and if you love it, assign it to your students.

This will take you to the teacher-dashboard page where you can modify and assign the lesson, among other things.

Tip: If you send the URL for your lesson to a colleague, they will be able to use it with their own students. This is great for co-teaching or department sharing. They will be able to modify the lesson for their own purposes if they wish, but this will not change your lesson at all.

Creating your own lesson

If you want to create your own, original lesson or adapt lessons you already use so that they reside in the essaypop library, we've got you covered. It's quite easy.

First, you'll want to go to the "create" tab and click on the purple "assignments" tile.

This will take you the essay-creation wizard where you build your lesson step-by-step. The wizard prompts you to add a prompt, criteria, resources, etc. Keep in mind that you can skip any of the steps if you're in a hurry, and come back and fill in those areas later by clicking the "edit" button in the lesson itself. Just be sure to hit "save" in the last frame of the wizard after each editing session.

Your lessons are stored in the "My Prompts" section of the lesson library.

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