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How to Set Up a Pre-Write Experience
How to Set Up a Pre-Write Experience

Brainstorming or pre-writing is a powerful way to get students to think deeply about their upcoming essay.

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Getting Started

To set up your students for their pre-writing experience, you'll first want to click the "lightbulb" icon in the teacher dashboard.

This will take you to the start view. Press the "Begin" button to continue.

In this view, you will set up the pre-writing questions and activities that you would like your students to engage in. Many of the essaypop library prompts come with pre-written brainstorming questions.

Students will click "begin pre-write" in their title cards to get started. This is what it will look like when the students write their answers. Keep in mind, they will be limited by time (the timer) and space (they have a 300 character maximum per post-it). You can do the activity along with your students, and they'll see your answers in the Hive, but you don't have to.

When students go to the writing frame area, they will have easy access to their pre-write answers in the sidebar.

And, of course, every student's (and the teacher's) pre-write may be viewed and commented upon in the Hive.

Have fun using the pre-write feature!

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