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How to Assign a Quickwrite
How to Assign a Quickwrite

Sometimes there isn't time for a full essay. Quickwrites are great for warm-ups, reflection, and brainstorming.

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Getting Started

Teachers can select a quickwrite from the essay pop lesson library where they will find oodles of pre-written, grab-and-go content, or they can create their own using our lesson-creation wizard.

Selecting a quickwrite from the lesson library.

Selecting from the library is simple, and the selections are varied and vast. Just click on the lesson tile if you want to check it out in detail.

Once the tile is clicked upon, you can read all about the lesson, and assign it if it seems right for your students.

When your students open the assignment on their end, this is what they will see and where they will write.

And, of course, during the writing or upon completion, students can interact and leave one another feedback in the Hive.

Creating your own quickwrite.

If you want to create a quickwrite of your own, it's very easily done. Just go to the essaypop lesson-creation wizard. You get to it by clicking the "Create" tab in the header, then clicking the purple tile.

Follow the steps in the wizard and you'll be finished before you know it. Once created, your new quickwrite lesson will be stored in the lesson library under the "My Prompts" category.

Have fun assigning quickwrites to your students!

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