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The Official Essaypop "Present to Your Department" Kit
The Official Essaypop "Present to Your Department" Kit

So you think essaypop is really cool, and you want to show it off to your team? This kit should help.

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Before you begin, it would probably be wise to have everyone sign up for a free account. Here the website link:

Teachers simply click on the blue "Sign up for free" button then follow the prompts which include signing in with a Gmail account, selecting the teacher role, then finding your school with our selector tool.

For a quick overview, you might want to start by showing this quick YouTube video.

This "getting started" article answers a lot of questions and gives your team the basics to begin working with their students.

This orientational article goes into a tad more detail and includes videos that detail the three main components of the platform: The writing frames, The Hive, and the Lesson Library.

Have fun using essaypop!

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