Before you begin, it would probably be wise to have everyone sign up for a free account. Here the website link:

Teachers simply click on the blue "Sign up for free" button then follow the prompts which include signing in with a Gmail account, selecting the teacher role, then finding your school with our selector tool.

For a quick overview, you might want to start by showing this quick YouTube video.

This "getting started" article answers a lot of questions and gives your team the basics to begin working with their students.

This orientational article goes into a tad more detail and includes videos that detail the three main components of the platform: The writing frames, The Hive, and the Lesson Library.

The Website

Our quick video

Our YouTube channel

The essaypop blog

Watch an essay being created

The essay-writing style guide

Paragraph structure article

The essaypop mixtapes

Have fun using essaypop!

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