essaypop's provides various rubrics, but in this article you will learn how to create your own.


  • Access the Rubrics page by clicking on your avatar (at the top right), then clicking on Settings and Rubrics.

  • Start by clicking on the Add Rubric button. Once a new rubric appears click on it.

  • You'll want to name your rubric and select the number of points it will be out of. You may decide to also include a zero in this rubric.

  • Next, click on the Add Criteria button.

  • Label your Criteria in the box provided, and select the Assessment Area from the pull-down.
    Note, the Assessment Area pull-down allows the system to track various criteria no matter the terminology you use for your school.

  • Once you have interested your Criteria you may proceed to adding a descriptor text and Performance Level/Title in the boxes provided.

  • You may now use this Rubric in an assignment. Review this guide:

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