As a Student, How Do I Write Using Essaypop?

Essaypop breaks essays into boxes or frames and makes essay writing easy. Here's how.

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We recommend that you bookmark this article and watch this video that goes into detail about writing with essaypop.

It's all about the boxes!

There are a lot of different types of essays (and even stories) you can write using essaypop. For this example, we'll use a short-response essay. Here's what the writing area will look like before you start writing. Notice the boxes (we call them writing frames) and the colors.

And this is what it will look like when you write down your brilliant ideas. What's cool is you can write whatever section you want when you want. Heck, you can write your closer first if you want.

And when you click the eyeball icon, watch what happens. The document converts to an MLA-formatted document in real-time. This is what your teacher will see. Cool, right?

Now let's go back to the writing frames and take a look at what they can do to help you. First, you'll notice that you can access all kinds of help like explanations and examples in the sidebar that show what each essay element does. We also have sentence starters that help you get started with the different parts of your writing (and make you sound really smart at the same time) -- basically a cure for writer's block.

And you can always add new frames if you want to add new ideas. You can also move the frames around, and put the boxes where you want them to go by dragging them around.

Summing Up

That's basically it. You're well on your way to creating amazing and properly-structured essays, quickwrites, and stories. Your teacher will guide you through the process and soon you'll be using essaypop like an expert. Next up, you'll want to learn about the Hive which is the place where the teacher will see your writing and where you will be able to see the writing of your peers.

For additional guidance, this video takes you through the system as well.

To learn about the different parts of an essay, the essaypop Style Guide is excellent. Bookmark it; you'll be using it a lot --

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