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Revision and Progress Monitoring
Revision and Progress Monitoring

Teachers can very easily take what students are doing in essaypop and use GoogleDocs or Word to create a revision history. Here's how --

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Teachers understandably want to be able to watch students build their writing from initial rough drafts into revised and improved revisions and, finally, into fully-realized final drafts suitable for display on parent-conference night. Managing draft versions is easily done by integrating essaypop and any writing software (GoogleDocs, Word, et, al..). Here's how --

Remember, when students are writing in essaypop, they can view their draft as an MLA document in real-time by clicking the eyeball icon.

From here, students can export to a PDF or a GoogleDoc. This can be done as many times as the teacher requests a new version of a piece of writing, and each progressive version can be labeled and turned in or stored in a folder.

One thing that is not exported during the process, however, is the color-coding itself, which makes it so much easier for the teacher to quickly get through and assess the student writing. Bur check out this little trick that does transfer the color. Students simply copy and paste the color-coded essaypop doc to a blank GoogleDoc (or another preferred doc).

Now that the essaypop document has been successfully transferred to a new doc, it can be labeled (version 1, version 2, etc..) or put into a relevant folder. The teacher can, in this way, not only see their students’ revision progress, they can utilize all the other tools, such as editing, commenting, and suggesting, that GoogleDocs and Word provide. Take a look at these examples taken directly from essaypop:

Here’s the next version.

Rinse and repeat. Students can keep these drafts in an appropriately labeled folder and the writing progress is nicely chronicled. As you can see, progress and revision history can be monitored very easily by integrating with popular writing software. Give it a try!

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