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Sharing Lessons With Colleagues
Sharing Lessons With Colleagues

When you've discovered or created a great lesson, half the fun is sharing it with others. Here's how you do it.

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What's Mine Is Yours!

With essaypop, teachers can either find and assign a lesson from our Lesson Library or create their own using our lesson-creation wizard. Either way, lessons can easily be shared with colleagues.

Once you've dialed in a lesson (Remember, all lessons can be modified to perfection on the fly) and have determined that it's time to grace your pals with the genius of your design, simply copy the lesson URL and send it in a text or email.

Your colleagues will be able to create a copy of your lesson, and they can either teach the lesson as-is, or they can modify it as needed.

The changes your colleagues make will not affect your original lesson. In this way, teams of teachers who might have different types of students such as language learners or special needs students can differentiate to their heart's content, but your precious original will stay intact.

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