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Building Your School's Essaypop Lesson Library
Building Your School's Essaypop Lesson Library

Creating a school-specific library will help instructional leaders direct and promote consistent writing practices across their campuses.

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This feature will significantly improve the way school leaders direct and promote consistent writing practices across their campuses and how they collect data about student writing.

This feature allows school leaders and teachers to include site or district-specific lessons, test prep materials, etc.., into their own school's, proprietary section of the essaypop lesson library. The lessons and activities in this section will only be seen by the members of the school or district.

This system feature is important because allows decision-makers to populate essaypop with the lessons they would like to see their teachers and students engage with. For example, if there are formative test prep items that leadership wants teachers to deliver at specific points during the year, they can simply place them in their school-specific library and ask teachers to assign them at designated points during the school year. Or let's say that a school has an advisory period where students engage with certain social and emotional learning topics, well, these prompts will be stored in the essaypop lesson library where all students and teachers will find them and quickly begin working on them.

And All of these lessons can be arranged by grade level and subject area, etc… Departments and or grade-level teams will be able to create substantive writing activities together and then store them in the library so that everyone has easy access to them.

When the students have completed these shared lessons and prompts and the writing has been rubric-scored using the essaypop assessment tool, then the school will immediately have access to powerful assessment data that will inform re-teaching opportunities and targeted professional development.

Creating school-specific content and adding it to your school’s library is quite simple:

This article shows how to build school-specific lessons using our Creation Wizard --

As a company dedicated to improving writing instruction, we've learned a few things over the years, and one of them is that every school and every district has specific ways of doing things and specific activities and lessons that are relevant to their teachers and students.

This is why we always strive to make our platform so flexible and open-source. It’s why we allow schools to easily change the colors, terminologies, and rubrics within our platform We want to provide a platform that can be tailored to the needs of educators who work so hard to create the perfect learning experiences for their students.

This article shows how to build, modify, and share school-specific lessons using our Lesson Creation Wizard

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