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Sign in with Google 3rd Part Confirmation
Sign in with Google 3rd Part Confirmation

"Access blocked: Your institution's admin needs to review"

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In order to safeguard the privacy of student data, Google will limit access to third-party applications, such as essaypop, for students under the age of 18. Access can only be granted if the administrator confirms it through the Google Admin Console.

All Google Workspace for Education Admins must review and confirm access settings for third-party configured apps that are currently accessible to your users in order for users designated as under 18 to maintain access to those third-party apps.

For continued access to essaypop, administrators need to designate it as a trusted app in Google. Failure to do so may result in the loss of access for students, teachers, and administrators.

Steps to take for "Sign in with Google"

Confirm essaypop as a trusted third-party configured app:

  1. Begin by visiting the introduction page of the guided experience (note that access to this page requires Google Admin privileges).

  2. Select Continue to proceed to the initial step, where you will verify settings for unconfigured third-party applications.

  3. In case you opt for the "Don't allow users to access any third-party apps" option (Default setting), thoroughly examine the applications and their configurations in the Access (for top-level org unit) column.

  4. Navigate to Add app -> OAuth App Name or Client ID, and initiate a search for "essaypop."

  5. Ensure that "essaypop" is configured to Trust. Verify the confirmation details, and then click Confirm.


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