What is the Learn area?
EMGuidance has now released a Learn area to allow HCP's to easily complete courses and CPD's at their own convienience.
Once you have completed the courses on the EMGuidance platform, you will instantly receive an email with your certificate. Note that not all of the content will have a certificate (e.g. Case studies).

*Important notice: Before completing any courses on the learn area, it is important that your profile details are updated. Please see that the correct name, surname and email address is correct and up to date as these details will be reflected on your certificate should you receive one. 

Where to view the learn content
*Note: Please make sure that you are on the latest version of the app, if not, simply update the app on the Play Store.

In order to access the learn content, simply tap on "Learn" on the bottom navigation bar. Note that each content has an expiry date. Once it has reached the expiry date, you will no longer be able to view the content.  

Where can I view and gain access to my certificates?
If the content has a certificate, upon successful completion, you will receive an email containing your certificate.
If you would like to view all your certificates in one place,

  1. Go to profile (top left corner on discover page)

  2. Tap on "Certificates"

Note: The certificates listed here are not the actual certificate, this area only provides you with an indication on which certificates you have completed.

I cannot find the email containing my certificate
If you are unable to regain your certificate in your emails, simply go back to the certificates page where all your certificate are listed. Tap on the certificate you would like and select "Email" to receive your certificate again.

Why can I not view any learn content?
If you cannot view any content in the Learn area, consider the following:
1 - There is currently no content available - check back here the next day or pull down to refresh the page.
2 - If you have completed a course, the content will disappear from the learn area.
3 - Some content may not be available to you
4 - You do not have a stable internet connection and the content has not been able to update
5 - Your account has not been verified - this usually takes 24 hours after sign up. ( If your account has not been verified 24 hours after sign up, contact support@emaguidance.com with your professional council number and registration number).

If you are still facing any troubles, please contact support@emguidance.com or send us a message on intercom. 

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