How to use the COVID-19 bot 

Step 1
Click on the green icon at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

Step 2
A chat box will appear, allowing you to either start a ‘New conversation’ (ask a question) or search for an article by typing COVID-19 into "Find yourself an answer".

Step 3
Click on ‘New conversation’, and type your question e.g. “How to test for COVID-19?”, into the text box at the bottom of your screen, the bot will instantly respond to your question, giving you articles to read through relating to your question. Please ensure that you include the word "COVID-19" in your question.

Should there be no article available to resolve your query, the team will revert to you with the necessary response as soon as possible.

Immediate responses are based on a machine learning algorithm, the chatbot will be learning and thus, improve as it is used.

New articles will also be added based on your areas of interest.

Remember that you will also find the latest guidelines for COVID-19 on the top of your screen. 

The entire collection of COVID-19 articles can be accessed via the COVID Help Centre

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