A laboratory-confirmed case of COVID-19 is a class 1 notifiable medical condition (NMC) in South Africa.

Who must notify and when?

Every doctor or nurse (health care provider) in both the public and private health sector who diagnoses a patient with COVID-19 must immediately report the case. Failure to report a NMC is a criminal offense.

Confirmed case: A person with laboratory confirmation of SARS-CoV-2 infection (using an RT-PCR assay), irrespective of clinical signs and symptoms.

How to notify?

1. Electronic notification via the NMC APP - this is the preferred method

  • Download the NMC web APP from the NICD website (NMC page) to register (This should be done on a desktop computer and you will need to be validated by the NICD before you can use the app ... this takes about 24 hours)

  • Once registered you can use the NMC mobile app via your cell phone app store (ANDROID only for now). 

  • Capture the NMC case details( New Case tab).

  • Upon completion of data capture, save the data and the notification will automatically be sent to all relevant focal people at Health Establishment, Sub-District, District, Province & National.

2. Paper based notification 

  • Complete the NMC Case Notification Form (Click here)

  • Email the NMC Case Notification Form to nmcsurveillancereport@nicd.ac.za and send a copy to your provincial communicable disease co-ordinator.

  • You can also whatsapp to 072 621 3805 or fax to 086 639 1638

Eastern Cape - thomas.dlamini@echealth.gov.za
Free State - balenid@fshealth.gov.za / nyokongb@fshealth.gov.za
Gauteng - Chika.Asomugha@gauteng.gov.za / Caroline.kesebilwe@gauteng.gov.za
KwaZulu-Natal - premi.govender@kznhealth.gov.za
Limpopo - Marlene.Ngobeni@dhsd.limpopo.gov.za
Mpumalanga: MandlaZw@mpuhealth.gov.za / hluphim@mpuhealth.gov.za
North West: clebeko@nwpg.gov.za
Northern Cape: hottieg@webmail.co.za
Western Cape: Charlene.lawrence@westerncape.gov.za

For further assistance call the NMC hotline 072 621 3805 or email washiefai@nicd.ac.za

Outcome of patient should be updated if status changes following notification. This includes whether the patient has been admitted to hospital or has died:

  • Hospitalization: exit date from high care/ICU

  • Oxygen requirement during hospitalization: end dates when the patient did not require ventilation

  • Hospital outcome: Discharged date or date of death in the event of death

  • Outpatient Outcome: Status of the patients who is cared for at home after 14 days of symptoms onset/test date

If you want to have full access to the COVID-19 Information on the EMGuidance app, click here

Answers extracted from: Covid-19 Quick Reference for Health Care Workers (25 May 2020), NMC COVID DOCUMENTS (accessed 6 May 2020)  and from personal communication with Waasifa Isaacs (Provincial NMC Co-ordinator: Western Cape Province)

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