For national stats for South Africa, you can Whatsapp "cases" to 060 012 3456 to receive the latest numbers together with the health minister's report.
The daily report is also available on the SA Coronavirus website

The Western Cape Government Health Facebook page and dashboard have detailed statistics for the Western Cape which are updated daily.

There are a number of dashboards to visualize the data for South Africa: WITS / NRF Dashboard, the Mediahack dashboard, the University of Pretoria dashboard, the Covid-19 Stats SA and the Coroza dashboard.

To review the SAMRC weekly report on deaths, click here.

For regional Southern African stats, click here.

For international stats, use the Worldometer or the Johns Hopkins University CoronaVirus Resource Center

If you would like to create your own reports, using your preferred countries, have a look at Our World in Data

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