Hyperimmune globulin treatment (or HiG) made using convalescent plasma
The CovIg Alliance (CoVIg is a combination of COVID-19 and hyperimmune globulin (that’s where the “Ig” comes from))

This Alliance’s goal is to develop a HiG treatment made using convalescent plasma. The organizations that are part of this Alliance are some of the top plasma-derived therapy companies around the world. They include Takeda, CSL Behring, Biotest, Bio Products Laboratory, Octapharma, and LFB. The Alliance is creating one unbranded HiG medicine, and it could be one of the earliest therapeutics for COVID-19.

That is the polyclonal hyperimmune globulin—the HiG. Plasma from many survivors is mixed together then processed to remove the antibody portion, which is then put it into a more highly concentrated form. The process also removes infectious agents and other proteins to make the product safer and allow it to be administered to anyone, regardless of their blood type. In the end, the product, unlike the plasma from a single individual, has a highly predictable concentration of antibodies that can be delivered in a smaller volume to a sick patient.

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