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Cleaning staff should wear routine PPE, as well as additional PPE for certain COVID-19 cleaning scenarios.

Clean and disinfect the general patient area of the facility twice a day (i.e. once per shift) with an appropriate schedule and program (including waiting rooms, wards, triage and testing areas etc.).

Clean and disinfect Intensive Care Units (ICU) every 6 hours.

In screening, triage and testing areas, clean/disinfect chairs between each patient. Clean/disinfect sampling booths between each patient.

To clean thoroughly, surfaces should first be cleaned with water and soap/detergent, rinsed, and then wiped with disinfectant. Suitable disinfectants include hypochlorite solution at a concentration of 1000ppm (e.g. 30 ml of standard 3.5% bleach mixed per litre water), or 70% alcohol surface cleaner).

See calculator for hypochlorite dilution

If the surfaces cannot be cleaned with soap and water, then they should be wiped carefully with disinfectant.

Take care to clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces in the patient environment well. These include bed rails, bedside cabinet, over-bed trolley, nurse call button, clinical equipment around the patient (e.g. IVACs, monitors, ventilators, oxygen saturation monitors, chairs).

Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces outside of the patient environment (e.g. tables, desks, taps, sinks, telephones and electronics) with disinfectant wipes/solution every 30-60 minutes depending on frequency of use.

Any equipment which is shared by staff members or between patients should be disinfected with 70% alcohol after each use.

Trolleys and wheelchairs for transporting patients should be deep cleaned before every shift and at the mid-point of each shift (see Circular H56/2020: WCGH cleaning and disinfectant guideline for COVID-19 infections for details of deep cleaning process).

Also see Circular H56/2020: WCGH cleaning and disinfectant guideline for COVID-19 infections for full details of facility cleaning procedures

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