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What are the available Investment Strategies?
What are the available Investment Strategies?
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Conservative investment strategy - This strategy represents the optimal balance between average interest rate, collateral value, and a low-risk approach. For investors who don’t mind being a bit more patient if it means their portfolio is extra secure.

Balanced investment strategy - Just like the name says, the approach here is tilted towards maximizing your returns while still keeping security at a premium, but with a slightly higher tolerance for risk. The perfect balance if the yield of your portfolio is your main aim.

Custom investment strategy - For the more experienced investor who knows their LTVs from their collateral value and their bridging loans from their development loans, this fully customizable strategy will hit the sweet spot. You’ll be able to set up Auto Invest to meet your exact criteria, adjust it any time you want to, and exercise total control over your investment automation.

You can read about the currently applicable loan criteria for each of the available Investment Strategy from the activation page.

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