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I want to withdraw funds from my account, how can I do that?
I want to withdraw funds from my account, how can I do that?
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All details required for withdrawals can be found by logged in users on our webpage under the "deposit/withdraw" section. Withdrawals are only made to the bank accounts you have registered in the EstateGuru system. The bank account owner's name has to match the EstateGuru account owner's name. These steps are required to ensure that your funds are not compromised, even if someone manages to get hold of your account access details. Cross-border regular SEPA payments between banks normally take 1-2 banking days depending on the time the payment was initiated as well as the bank. At EstateGuru, all transfers are processed instantly. If you need to move your funds in a faster manner, please use the instant SEPA payment (if supported by your bank). We always recommend that investors keep adequate funds on their EstateGuru virtual account to ensure not missing out on great investment opportunities as they get published.

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