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What are the fees for investors?
What are the fees for investors?
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Owning an investment account via Estateguru is free of charge. Estateguru charges a 3% fee for selling claims via the Secondary Market (the fee is applied to the seller) and a €1 service fee which is calculated and charged every time an investor withdraws funds from the virtual account.

An “inactive account fee” is charged as contractual penalty to users who have deposited funds in their accounts but who have not made any new investments on the Primary or on the Secondary market for the last 12 months and who have no active loans in their portfolio. The fee will be applied monthly in case there is a positive balance on the user’s account. If the cash balance is €0 then the fee will not be applied. If the user makes an investment, the account status will be switched to active again.

All fees can be found in our price list.

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