When contacting Customer Support, the following information can be very helpful so that our representatives can serve you faster.

Who Am I?

Double-click on the ETO software logo in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

Copy ALL text, including the enterprise, site, program, and user.

Where Am I?

At the top of your browser, type in the following URL: https://secure.etosoftware.com/whereami.aspx

Copy the Web Server IP to send to support.

Detailed Directions!

In order to solve a problem, we have to replicate it. When reporting an issue, be sure to write a step-by-step description of the actions that ended in the error message or unexpected behavior. Include specific names of features (Referral to Name of Program, Name of Point of Service, or Name of TouchPoint).

  • A GOOD example: "I did a Quick Search for Alan Robinson in the Intake program. I clicked on View / Record TouchPoint from the fly-out menu and chose the Advanced Skills TouchPoint. I entered the date of contact (3/28/2015), the date of next contact (4/6/2015) and the values required. I then hit the Save button to submit the TouchPoint. When I look at this participant's dashboard, I do not see the TouchPoint, but when I go to the View Participant TouchPoints page, it is there. The reminder for this TouchPoint is also showing on my To Do List. Screenshots are attached.
  • A BAD example: "I can't see the TouchPoint I recorded for a participant."

As you can see, the good example is very detailed and describes exactly which participant and TouchPoint is involved. The bad example does not describe where the issue is occurring or how the user got to where they did. The bad example could describe a long list of different things whereas the good example describes one very specific issue.

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