Account Merging can be requested when a user has multiple log-ons for different Enterprises within ETO. The merge allows a more effortless logon experience for the user, allowing them access to their Enterprises under one email address.

To support these requests and maintain data security, we need approval from an Admin in the Enterprise where new access is being granted.

In your request please clearly state which email is the "Master" and the "Old".

The "Master" account is the main account in that the user prefers to use, while the "Old" account is the secondary account that will be unusable once connected to the "Master" account.

Our team will verify the Master and Old emails exist in unique Enterprise's and place an internal ticket to have the accounts merged. Once the accounts have been successfully merged, a representative will reach out and inform the client of the merge.

Ex: Sally logs on to the YMCA ETO with Sally also works at Goodwill and logs on to the Goodwill ETO with . She only wants to log on with She has an ETO Admin from the Goodwill reach out to Support and approve the access. 

The Request would say:
Please Merge Sally's Accounts

Now, Sally can log in with and access YMCA or Goodwill.

***At least 1 Enterprise must be attached to each account, and the accounts cannot be attached to the same Enterprise***

Once you are in ETO the user can select the program selector to navigate between Enterprises, Sites, and Programs.

The Enterprises will appear at the top in a drop-down.

Upon login, the same drop-down with available Enterprises will appear.

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