A Guest Program allows Entity-level Users to log into ETO to track services and update their own Entity information via an Entity self-service User role. To set up a Guest Program, you must be a Site Administrator or above.

Settings Up the Program

First, create a new Program for your Entity Self-Service Users through Manage Programs or elect an existing Program for them to work inside of. First, use the Navigation Bar to access "Site Administration".

  1. Select "Manage My Site (NEW)".

  2. Navigate to the "Miscellaneous Settings" tab.

  3. Click "Manage Guest Programs".

  1. Select "Add Guest Program".

2. Choose the Program for the Entity to access from the “Entity Guest Access Program” drop-down menu.

3. Set the password for the Entity to enter when signing into the Guest Program initially.

4. Click Submit Guest Program Information.

5. Using the Navigation Bar, access Wizards.

6. Select the Attribute Wizard.

7. Create a Program-specific arbitrary text 100 field named “Password." The Entity will be able to use this Attribute after logging in to create their own custom password. 

Creating Entity Self Service Users

  1. Using the Navigation Bar, access "Manage User Accounts" in "Site Administration".

  2. Create New User.

3. Set User "Role" to "Entity Self Service".

4. Give User access to the Program.

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