It may be in your interest to know what users are active in your system and how many users are accessing your system. There are a couple ways to extract this information.

List of Active Users - Query Wizard

Step 1: Go to Wizards > Query Wizards > Select "Staff" as the Subject Type

Step 2: Select "Staff Information"

Step 3: Choose the Information you'd like to see. To get a list of active users, I've included "Disabled" , "Site Name", and "Email"

Step 4: Returned is a list of users. If users have access to multiple sites, their names will be listed for every site they have access to.

Step 5: You can export the report to Excel and count unique emails; be sure you are checking on who is/isn't disabled in the sites.

List of Active Users - Results

Step 1: Access the reporting Dashboard

Step 2: Open a new report from the reporting dashboard.

Step 3: Choose Universe

Step 4: Choose the Standard Staff Universe

Step 5: Build the Query

Choose "Name" and "Email" (You can add "Login Date" to see most recent Login's.

In the query filters you should use

  • [Is Disabled] = No 

  • [Site Name] = Is Not Null (or only include Active / desired sites

  • [Role] Not Equal to "Developer"

  • [Email] Different from pattern "%socialsolutions%"

Step 6: Refine the Data / Return Results

You now have a return of all active accounts in your system. You can include more information in your Results Objects, or include other filters to narrow down results.

If you included "Login Date" Click in to the column and in the upper FX bar, write in =Max([Login Date]). Press Enter to return each users maximum Login Date. 

You can right click the email section and click "Insert" >"Count", this will produce a to count at the bottom of the page.

You can export the report to Excel.

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