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This functionality allows you to find any Participant in your Site, whether enrolled in or dismissed from any Program.

If your Site uses confidential Programs, you should be using "Find Participant (C)" instead of "Find Participant."

In-Depth Instructions

Step 1 – On the Navigation Bar, click "Participants."

Step 2 – Click "Find Participant."

Step 3 – Use the search functionality to find your Participant by providing at least a (partial) last name, SSN, or Case Number to limit the scope of the results. You cannot leave this search box blank.

Step 4 – One or more Participant matches will appear showing Name, DOB, SSN, Case Number, and whether the Participant is currently enrolled or currently dismissed in any Program in your Site.

Search Results

  1. Click on the Participant’s name or click "Go" to access their read-only demographic record via the "View Participant Info" feature.

  2. Click on "Print" at the top of the page if you wish to print the list as you see it.

  3. Site Administrators will also see an "Update" link in blue to the far right of each Participant. This allows you to edit their demographic information via the View/Edit Participant feature.

  4. You can hover over the Participant’s name to view their address information and distinguish between Participants with the same name.


The Find Participant feature is helpful for finding Participants who may have been added to ETO and cannot be found using View/Edit Participant or Quick Search in your selected Program.

If a Participant does not have any Program history listed, you would need to enroll them into a Program to record efforts, take TouchPoints, etc.

Lack of Program history is caused by someone adding the record without enrolling them into a Program, which can happen if the enroll box is unchecked when the Participant was added. Participants entered through the Add New Family feature may be added to ETO without a Program enrollment. It is also possible that the Site Administrator deleted a Participant's Program history.

If a Participant is dismissed accidentally, the Site Administrator must delete the Program history (which will not delete efforts, TouchPoints, etc.) entirely and then use the Enroll Participants feature to re-enroll them into the selected Program. Do not re-enroll the person without deleting the original enrollment record first, as this will cause duplicate enrollments in reporting.

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