On our How It Works page there's a table showing the general categories of services that are shareable within the Eusoh community. Additionally, the Eusoh team has compiled searchable services and medications lists with national average pricing on which reimbursement amounts are based.

For the searchable TrueVet Guide, you can find it on your Dashboard once you have logged on using your email and password (or Facebook). If you've not created an account, it's absolutely FREE to do so and you will not be charged anything until you decide to join a cost-sharing group. Once you've entered your email and password, "x" out of the registration process and navigate to your Dashboard. You'll see a link to the TrueVet Guide in the navigation bar on your device.

Please remember that for certain conditions, such as hereditary or congenital conditions, pets are eligible for coverage so long as the signs and symptoms first manifest after enrolling, including any applicable waiting periods.

Eusoh abides by the American Veterinary Medical Association’s principles on the ethical treatment of animals. We will only utilize community funds to reimburse ethical care. If a veterinarian indicates treatment as futile, nor abiding by the AVMA’s policies for ethical care, community funds will not be deployed to reimburse this care. We ask our members to use their best judgment to follow these guidelines. 

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