Getting reimbursed with Eusoh is simple:

  1. Go to your vet and pay for services upfront.

  2. After your visit, please log in and click Expense on the side navigation bar. You'll be taken to the Expense dashboard. Click the "Submit an Expense" button under your pet's name. Fill out the expense form and upload a copy of your invoice and receipt/proof of payment.

  3. A Eusoh expense administrator will verify your expense.

  4. You will be responsible for your 20% member share for each expense you submit. The system will calculate how much of the expense is applied to your annual out-of-pocket (OOP), and if that is reached, how much of the expense will be reimbursable. Reimbursable amounts will be based on the average pricing in our TrueVet Guide ± a regional variance.

  5. At the end of the monthly billing cycle, you will be able to withdraw your reimbursement back to your bank account or debit card from the Billing dashboard!

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