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Frequently Asked Questions by Artists

Written by Mag Rodriguez
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How do I release on EVEN?

If you are interested in releasing EVEN please fill out this form.

We are reviewing inquiries as quickly as we can.

How do artists benefit from releasing on EVEN?

The future of music is direct. EVEN prepares artists with all the tools and resources to make their music available to their fans and take ownership of that relationship.

On EVEN, Artists:

  1. Set their price, quantity, and access.

  2. Get paid instantly after each sale.

  3. Own & export their data with a click.

Can artists release their music through traditional channels as well as through EVEN?

EVEN is not intended to replace traditional channels. Instead, EVEN is designed to be the entry point to an artist's release and the beginning of a long-term direct relationship with their fans.

Do I have to be an independent artist to release on EVEN?

EVEN is open to both signed and independent artists.

How can I contact EVEN?

Interested in partnering with EVEN? Please email us at

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