What's Changed?

Over the past few months, our engineering team has been hard at work improving email integration stability relating (but not limited) to email provider syncing & email threads.

Starting from Monday, 22nd of March we will begin rolling out our improved Email Integration for customers that have synced Event Temple with Office365, Exchange & independent email providers. As of Monday, 26th of April we will begin rolling out our improved email Integration for Gmail users.

Once connected to the improved email integration, users will have the ability to track any email received from an Event Temple contact, not just those threads initiated from Event Temple!

How Does it Work?

When your Organization has this enhancement enabled, you'll receive an in-app notification to re-connect your Email Provider. Simply follow the steps below to re-connect:

  1. Click Disconnect Email

  2. Enter your email address

  3. Click Authorize

  4. Sign in using your email Credentials

  5. Select which emails you would like synced.

  6. Enjoy your new & improved Email integration!

Additional Information:

  • If you would like this feature enabled for your Organization immediately or if you would like to participate in the Gmail beta testing, please contact support via the in-app chat or email support@eventtemple.com

  • If your organization has settings that needs to approve apps / admin approval, follow the steps here.

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