Backstage Access

Now that you are a speaker at an event, you should have received an invitation to your email to speak at the event, check the following steps to join the session:

  1. Click on the "Accept Invitation" button in the invitation email.

2. Login or Sign up to eventtus, build your profile and access the event

Note: To join the event you will get an email with the event link before the event with 30 mins or you can ask the event organizers to share with you the direct event link from where you can go to "Backstage"

3. You can access the backstage 15 mins before your scheduled session time from the left menu by clicking on Backstage.

4. Select your session from the drop-down

5. Confirm that your Camera and Mic are connected and ready to use as you might need to grant permission to the browser to use them, for more details check the Speakers troubleshooting article.

6. Click on "Join session" to join other speakers and moderators. Don't worry you will be Off Air which means you are speaking privately to other speakers and moderators only.

7. Once you are ready to go live, you can now ask the moderator to Start Broadcast and you can start the session once you see the "On Air" status.

8. After the broadcast starts you will be able to know the number of attendees viewing your session and the time remaining before your session ends.

Sharing your Slides

  • Now your attendees can see your presentation

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