Virtual booths give a great chance for the visitors to know more about your company and help in creating new business opportunities and attracting leads.

How to create a virtual booth?

To create a virtual booth:

  • Request access from Event organizers to invite you as booth admins to the virtual booth where you can start building your booth.

  • An invitation is sent to booth admin's emails, Click on Activate invitation and start building an amazing booth.

  • Once you click on activate invitation you will be prompted to log in if you have an Eventtus account or Sign up to register a new account.

  • log in to the portal you’ll be able to Manage Team members, Update your booth information, and Market your company products.

Managing Team Members:

  • Go to Admins on the Left Menu >> Click on Add Team Members

Note: While adding team members, you can choose from two Roles:
Admin: This role manages the company profile, can add other team members, and represents your company at the booth.

Team member: This role has view-only access at the company profile but can represent your company at the booth.


⭐️ Note: Both admins and team members can network with event attendees during the event. While adding your team, if you check the box to show this team member on your virtual booth. His name will appear in your booth and he can receive questions from visitors during the event.

  • Want to know more about how to engage with booth visitors? Click here

Update your booth information

  • Go to the Information section on the left menu and start updating your Company name, logo, and Cover photo

    Note: It's recommended to use a cover photo as a clear image that doesn’t include a lot of artwork or doodles to attract more visitors.

  • Add a Promotional video, just insert a link to Youtube or Vimeo video to auto-play when visitors show up at your booth.

  • Materials: is a customized button in your booth. Give it a name and a custom link as you want it to appear in your booth.

  • Add your company contacts in the Contact us

Promote your company products & services:

  • Go to the Products section on the left menu, and you can add up to 20 products.


Now your booth is ready, here's how it should look during the event.

To view how your booth:

You need to register for the event to view how your booth and interact with event participants. Ask the event organizer about the registration link, make sure all booth team members registered for the event and sign in using the same email they used on the exhibitor portal.

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