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Today I’m gonna show you how to create and setup your event.

We are proud of having a platform where you can easily create and setup an event in under 5 minutes and this is a tremendous time and cost saving for any event organizer out-there.  

Here’s how to create and setup the event:

  1. Click on the Create Event button in the event section of the header menu. The same new event form will appear right after you create a new account with a new company.

  2. Here you fill in the details: event name, event start and end date, the currency used when selling the tickets and the timezone that is used for the platform to calculate hours and times correctly.

  3. After that, you click on Create ticket types link on your event dashboard

  4. Let’s add a first ticket type: call it Early Bird, start selling with 2 months before event starts, end selling just before event starts, add ticket description, ticket price, stock available, discounted from, min/max tickets per order. 

  5. Let’s add another ticket type: Normal Access with no discount, unlimited stick and no min/max tickets per order.

  6. Next, let’s update Payment Settings. Here is where you set your existing payment gateway account details so that buyers can pay you directly for the tickets. 

  7. At the point, your event is ready to be included in your public website, just copy the code and paste it into your site (or give that code to your web-designer to do it). 

  8. Last step is going live with your event, just click on the Live button in the header and confirm.

  9. And that’s it - that’s all you need to have a fully functional event. 

There are some additional steps for customizing the event that you can take further like:

  • Setup a ticket template - to change the look of your tickets

  • Change the font and colors of your widget to match your theme

  • Add promo codes - to easily offer discounts for your tickets

We’ll cover those in separate videos later.

Hope this is useful, if you still have any questions - just let me know using the bottom right chat icon below.

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