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Today I’m gonna show you how to use and customize the already created public page for your event.

Although we offer a very easy to integrate widget for your event tickets shopping cart, there are many of our event organisers clients who asked for a public page where the shopping cart is already integrated, so they should only just be using it - for example in their facebook campaigns, or anywhere else.

Also - this page frees you from having to have a website in the first place, if how we designed the public page suits your needs.  

Here’s where you can find the public page:

  1. Go to your event dashboard and check the Event public page section in the lower-left side

  2. When clicking on the Event Public page URL, that page should open in a separate tab of your browser.

  3. As you can see, by default this page looks pretty basic, but you can already use this page as it already contains your event shopping cart widget integrated and functional.

Here’s where you can customize the event public page:

In order to customise your public page, your shouldn’t do anything else other than actually adding more information about your event.

  1. Go to Edit event page . Here, every time you add a new information about your event, the public page will update to display that information.

  2. Add the event location - with the use of Google Places autocomplete. If you set this up, we’ll display a nice map where your location occupies the center place. 

  3. Add a logo for your event - this will appear on public page header

  4. Add a background image that will replace the default blue color 

  5. Add some description, social media links, a text for your page footer, and so on.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the information, we’ll display only what you manage to fill in.

That’s all you have to do to customise your event public page. Now you can share the page URL with all your customers and enjoy watching your tickets sales go up!

If you would like to take more steps towards customising your event registration experience for the buyers, please take a look at:

  • Setup a ticket template - to change the look of your tickets. We’ll cover this in a future video

Hope this is useful, if you still have any questions - just let me know in a comment below.

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