We know how important flexibility and personalization is to you, so we managed to give you the possibility of customizing the order confirmation email up to the tiniest point. You can update and change how the subject, colors, text and signature looks like. You can even set the from email so that your buyers will receive that email from you directly.

Here’s how you can customize the confirmation email:

  1. Go to Customize Email page 

  2. As you can see, these are the default settings for the email. This is how the users receive the confirmation message right now.

  3. You can change sending email and name, subject, content title, content subtitle, content text and signature

  4. Also, you can change the color of the header and call to action button to suit your company theme.

  5. Please note that the data regarding tickets, event and order details cannot be changed as it’s sensitive information.

  6. After you’re done and click Save settings button your users will already receive the confirmation emails updated with the new information.

That’s all you have to do to customise the order confirmation email message. Now all of your buyers will receive the emails matching the look and feel of your organization !

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