The next step in making your Eventway experience more customizable for your buyers is a very important step: allowing you to decide exactly what information you want to collect from your buyers when they buy a ticket for your event. This can start from getting simple information like Name and Email but it can go all the way to complex information like: Addresses, Dropdowns with options of all kinds, Radio buttons, Checkboxes or Dates. 

We believe we covered it all so you can have a complete experience and solve all the data collection challenges just about any event can throw at you.

You can easily do that using our new Customize registration form feature. 

Here’s how you can customize the registration form:

  1. Go to Customize Registration Form page 

  2. By default, any Registration form is composed of 3 fields that you cannot remove, but you can only reorder: First Name, Last Name and Email.

  3. As you can see, on the left side there are the Fields that you can drag and drop on to the main canvas to build your registration form.

  4. You can choose from the Main Fields (basic ones) like Text Input, Textarea, Dropdown, Multiple Choice, Radio Button, Checkbox and Date, or you can use some Custom Fields like Address, Confirmation Checkbox, Company name, or Job Title.

  5. Also, you can organise your Registration form in more sections or add some explanations using Horizontal lines or Text Blocks

  6. After you drag everything you need in the canvas, you can reorder the fields exactly how you want them to appear to your users

  7. Finally, you can click on Save button to make it live on your widget.

  8. After this step you can go to the public page of your event and check it out.

We all know that customizing your Registration form is only the first step. This would not be very useful unless you as an event organizer have an easy and intuitive way of using the collected information for you own purposes.

You can easily see all the information your buyers filled in by following these simple steps:

  1. Go to your Orders page

  2. Each order has a field called Order Details where all the registration form information is gathered

  3. This is also available when you export your orders as a CSV file so you can use the information wherever you need afterwards. 

That’s all you have to do to customise the registration form. We hope this will truly help you both when organizing your event and most of all: afterwards, when you’ll find it very useful to use that data to deliver more value to your buyers!

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