We're very excited to offer a feature that is long asked by our customers: a way to send personalised emails to targeted audience directly from EventWay, so they won't need to export data, then re-import it in some other email tool. 

That's why we launched a new feature to our ticketing platform: emailing campaigns. This helps you send emails to your buyers in multiple ways: manual, scheduled or even based on your buyers behaviour.
Also, this feature is very flexible - you can create unlimited criteria for selecting your users (number of tickets, paid a minimum amount, participated in a certain event, and so on). 

Main benefits

  • Send targeted and personalised emails manual, scheduled or based on your buyer behaviour

  • Send email campaigns directly from EventWay (no external tool/account needed)

  • Have a stronger customer relationship by keeping your users informed and up to date

  • Increase your brand awareness

  • Improve your reconversion rate - almost 50% of those who have not bought will make a purchase if you return to them with an email

Here’s how you can create emailing campaigns:

First, create a filter:

  1. Go to Users page

  2. Click on Add Filters +

  3. Select your criteria (for example Number of tickets, Greater or equal than 5) and click apply

  4. Then Save Filter. After saving your filter, you can use it to select buyers to send campaigns to.

Create and send email campaigns

  1. On Email Campaign page, click on Create campaign and from the top of the page select your buyers filter from the list - to determine your recipients.

  2. Customize email content: subject, from email and name, drag & drop pieces of content on the main canvas to the right

  3. Don't forget you can customize font and colors just like when customizing your event confirmation email.

  4. Send Now: manual mode. Your campaign will be sent immediately after you click on Submit button.

  5. Schedule Later: you can select a delivery date and time and also the time zone for your emailing campaign.

  6. Behaviour sending: here you can choose a behaviour of your buyers or  and a time difference before or after it occurs (ex: 1h after checking in, 2 days after buying a ticket, or 3 weeks after event took place, etc)


You can see all your emailing campaigns (sent, scheduled or saved as draft) in your Email campaigns menu. Here you are presented with some reports for each like: Delivered, Opens, Unique Opens, Clicks.
Also, you can cancel the scheduled campaigns or edit the ones that are in draft mode at any time. 

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