The following guide will run through the steps required to integrate your WorkflowMax billable hours data directly into your Everperform Instance.


Before completing the following steps please ensure any users data you wish to automatically update through this integration are confirmed users in both the Everperform and WorkflowMax company accounts using the same email address.

Step 1: 

Log into WorkFlowMax and ensure you are an administrator with access to the business settings page.

Step 1.5: 

Access the Business dropdown and Select Settings

Then under Connections Select Add-ons

From the list of available Add-ons locate Everperform and select Generate Key and copy it to the clipboard

Step 2:

Locate the settings page in your Everperform instance, it is located in a dropdown menu in the top left corner of your screen. (If the settings page does not appear in your dropdown menu you may not have administrator privileges)

Step 3:

Once on the settings page, navigate to the bottom option on the far left menu to view our currently available integrations.

Step 4:

Select the WorkflowMax option (currently the only available option), you will be greeted with an explanation of how we use the information you provide and text boxes to input your WorkflowMax information.

Step 5:

Once you have entered both the API and Account Keys and then confirmed your data will be fetched from WorkflowMax and automatically copied into Everperform measures belonging to each team member. The default timeframe for an update is one month however if you would like to fetch data for a greater period simply increase the time frame allocated, then click sync all to update all applicable data.


As new data is entered into the WorkflowMax account it will be replicated in the Everperform Instance with minimal delay automatically.

If you would like to remove your WorkflowMax integration simply click on the Remove button and follow the prompts.

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