Send pulses straight from Everperform to your Slack account and to keep your team touch-points centralised.

With the Everperform Slack App, you can receive links and reminders to complete pulses directly in your Slack channels, cutting out more emails from your day.

You can get started with the following steps:

  • As an administrator log into your Everperform Account and visit the settings page located in the top left drop down menu

  • Select Integrations from the left hand navigation panel

  • From the list of Available options click on Slack

  • Click the Connect to Slack button found towards the bottom of the page

  • Follow the prompts provided by Slack to connect your accounts

  • Once you have connected the Everperform Instance to your Slack Workplace users from your Workplace will be prompted in Slack to connect their personal Everperform and Slack accounts and begin receiving pulses through the Everperform Channel in Slack.

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