We currently have 4 products in total (more to come!), with different cash prizes. They are:

2 Wheel of Fortune Games

Play the Wheel of Fortune games to win more virtual coins which you can use to play any game in the app.

There are 2 Wheels:

“London”: you can win up to 1 million coins

“Montecarlo”: you can win up to 10 million coins.

Daily Raffle

The Daily Raffle game runs every day and the amounts displayed are won every day. Cash prizes grow with the size of the community.

In this game there are a total of 10 prize categories and the first two are cash prizes. Log into the app daily to check the current prize!

What are the odds? You get 1 entry into this draw for every pound you saved.

Each EverUp user gets 1 free entry on top of all the other entries.

Million Lotto

This is our big win product. Select 8 numbers and a fruit symbol and enter a weekly draw to win up to £1,000,000!

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