Raffles draws are guaranteed prizes. Draws are daily with Tuesday and Saturday being Special Draws in which winners get personal products on top of the cash win (e.g. Amazon Echo Dot, Electric toothburshes, Nutribullets).

In Daily Raffles you don't compete against fixed odds but against other savers. Just like Premium Bonds. The higher the saving pot, the higher the chances to win a prize.

You get 1 free entry for each draw even if you don't have a cash account open or funds on the cash account. You have more entries though when you save.

Once you enter the game, you will automatically get 1 entry into the raffle for every £1 you’ve saved.

For example if you have £789 in savings, you will have 790 entries (789 entries + 1 free entry).

If you boost the Raffle entries they will be increased based on the extra percent given by the booster. E.g. if you have 1,000 entries and you boost it by 10%, you'll have 1,100 entries. Any booster goes beyond the caps.

Each draw is capped (boosters excluded). This means that if you have £1,200 and the max entries are capped at 1,000 you get 1,000 entries. But if you boost you can go over the cap.

Furthermore, if your status is Gold or Platinum a default booster is applied and on top of that you can still boost manually from the game screen. For example if you are Gold and have £1,000 in savings you get automatically 1,500 entries and if you manually boost by 10%, you get 1,800 entries (a Platinum customer would get 2,000 entries plus the manual booster).

more savings = more entries = higher chances to win and the higher the status the higher the default booster on top of which you can still boost manually.

Please always refer to the app to check cash prizes, Special Draw prizes and current entry cap. You can see your default booster from the status screen (last menu option at the bottom right).

Latest Winning Categories (Special Draws winners get Personal Products on top of the cash prize):

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