If you have winnings in your winnings & rewards, tap on it and you will see a link to “transfer winnings to cash account”. Note that minimum winnings transfer constraints may apply. e.g. a minimum amount of winnings have to accrued in order to be able to transfer.

Step by step: select the first option on the bottom menu where you see the bank icon -> select the card “winnings & rewards”, tap on it and tap on the link “transfer winnings on the cash account”.

Now winnings are on the cash account and you can earn daily coins from them. If instead you want to withdraw them you can tap on “withdraw funds” still in the same cash account section.

If you haven’t linked a cash account you can do so by transferring to your Everup account (sort code and account number) a small amount (even £0.01). From that point onward your bank account is linked and all withdrawals will go back to that account.

From the savings section: Winnings & Rewards

Select "Transfer winnings to Cash Account"

Go back to the cash account section and tap on "Withdraw funds"

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