The Daily Raffle runs every weekday and the winnings can be cash and/or coins.

Even if you don't have a cash account, you can now get one entry free and you can either play yourself and boost your entries, or if you don't entries are allocated automatically equalling one entry per every pound in your cash account.

For example:

  • If there is £100.00 in your Cash Account automatic entries allocated in the next raffle draw will be 100.

    However, if you have Gold or Platinum Referral Status, you'd by default get your entries boosted (1.5 for Gold and 2.0 for Platinum) whether you play manually (boosting your entries) or not.

    If you then have £100.00 in your Cash Account and have a Platinum referral status, you'd then get 200 entries by default. If you instead decide to manually boost your entries you'd get 200 entries plus the manual booster. Therefore a Platinum customer with £100.00 in savings who manually boost would get 220 entries instead of 110 if the booster was 10%*.

The higher the entries the higher the chance to win the raffle.

Please note that entries on the Daily Raffle are capped . Please check the information above the booster button to discover the current cap. Caps are for single entries only and do not take into account referral status boosters or manual boosters.

* the percentage of the booster couldchange from time to time. The above was just taken as an example. Please refer to the app for more info

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