Referral Reward doesn’t look right?
If you see a mismatch between your referral stats and the actual referral reward received this might mean that one or more of the people who signed up using your link/referral code haven’t verified their accounts on time or did not open a cash account.

What I see on the app is different from the referrals I've been paid for.

The referral stats on the app show "cash accounts opened" but it doesn't mean that these cash accounts were verified. We attribute all coins prizes based on "cash accounts opened" irrelevant of the verification status. However cash prizes are attributed for verified cash accounts only.

Can I see who from my friends has signed up and who didn't?

⚠️ Please note that we cannot share any personal information, such as who has signed up using your link, who hasn’t verified an account, why, etc as it will be a GDPR violation.

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