New Gift Cards widget will be prominent at the top of the home page/game
centre of the app.

Once you tap on the Gift Cards section, you will be presented with a
selection of available Gift Cards. You would then, be able to select the merchantyou intend to purchase a Gift Card from.

Once you tap on the merchant you like, you'd be able to select for purchase different amount Gift Cards.

You are able to access your Gift Card orders by going to the bottom of the page and tapping on the orange arrow next to it.

Once you pick the Gift Card, you would be able to see the minimum and maximum cashback offers of the selected Gift Card.

Cashback is delivered via a game which can be played after the purchase of the Gift Card has been completed.

Once you complete your purchase the gift card code will be revealed on the app and will also be emailed to you at the registered email address.

You will also find all of your order details including the cashback won on that particular Card under “Your Gift Card Orders”.

If you did not play the scratch card immediately after the Gift Card purchase you'd be able to play it at a later stage by selecting the gift card from the orders list.

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