Debit Card Xmas Promotion Terms

Debit Card Christmas and New Year's Eve promotion terms and conditions

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From midnight on the 6th of December all everup users who have opened a cash account will be able to open a Debit Card account.

This will entitle cash account users to choose between the Plus or Premium plans and be issued with a virtual VISA debit card.

The everup Debit Card is bound to our Debit Card Terms of Service available here.

The everup Debit Card is linked to several games, namely Lisbon, Tokyo and Paris. Each game features its own odds-based prizes, including tech gadgets.

Starting from Wednesday 14th of December 2022 and for the next 3 weeks, everup will run a competition offering the prizes below:

  • 14th to 21st December - draw date 22nd: Microsoft Xbox-S

  • 22nd to 28th December - draw date 29th : Microsoft Xbox-X, and

  • 29th December to 4th January 2023 - draw date 5th: Sony PlayStation 5 D.E.

To enter, you just need to use the debit card to make any transaction over £2 that week. The winner will be selected from among all the qualifying transactions.

How we’ll select the winners

Every everup Debit Card transaction comes with an explicit order-ID made up of 7 numbers, which can be viewed in the transaction history list directly in the App.

Each Thursday, 8 numbers are drawn by our independent partner PIMS-SCA. These numbers are used to determine the winners in the £1M Lotto Thursday competition.

From the 15th of December, customers who use our debit card will receive one entry into our weekly Christmas and New Year draws per transaction. So for instance, if you make 5 transactions, you get 5 entries that week. Each entry will be recorded according to the unique 7 digit order-ID for the transaction.

Every Thursday, all entries (order-ID) from all qualifying transactions will be compared with the £1M Lotto winning numbers. The entry with the highest number of matching numbers (same Million Lotto matching logic) will be awarded one of the weekly prizes (seen above).

Splitting decision

In cases where more than one transaction has the same number of matching numbers, the transaction with the greatest amount spent will win.

In cases where two or more transactions have the same amount of matching numbers and an equal value of transaction, then the earlier transaction will be the winner.

Qualifying transactions

  • Only transactions of £2.00 or above will qualify for this promotion

  • Only transactions spanning from the midnight of the Wednesday to midnight of the following Wednesday will enter into that week’s competition with the confirmation of winners occurring immediately after the £1m Lotto numbers have been drawn.

  • A 7-day cooling off period will apply to any winning transaction as reverted or refunded transactions will be considered null and void.

  • If a winning transaction is subsequently declared null as a consequence of a reversion, cancellation or refund, the winning prize will be awarded to the runner-up.

  • In cases where the everup Debit Card is used to fund or pay credit cards, bank accounts, or any other general account balances or money transfer, such transactions will be eligible for only one entry per week per merchant for this promotion, with the highest of the transactions being the qualifying entry.

  • The same limitation applies to any transaction that rather of being a genuine purchase is in fact a money transfer including transferring as investment or transferring money for the sole purpose of obtaining an entry into the competition. For more information about the limitations applied to debit card transactions please check section 6.6 of our Debit Card terms of services available here.

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