You can only enter the Debit Card Raffle by holding an active Debit Card membership.

The best way to maximise Card Raffle Entries with the everup Debit Card is to make high value transactions. E.g., pay for a full restaurant bill, a full credit Card balance repayment or to make a large deposit into Premium Bonds.

The higher the transaction value, the higher the Entries per pound you will earn.

So if you spend £500 in one transaction, you’ll receive 100 Entries per £1 spent. A transaction of £50 would receive 75 Entries per £1 spent. So, ten transactions of £50 will return 37,500 Entries while a single transaction of £500 will return 50,000 Entries.

In other words, if you make a single transaction of £500, it will yield about 35% more Entries than 10 transactions of £50 each.

Spend from

Card Raffle Entries per £1 spent

£ 0.01


£ 2.00


£ 10.00


£ 25.00


£ 50.00


£ 75.00


£ 100.00


£ 125.00


£ 250.00


£ 500.00


£ 750.00


£ 1,000.00


£ 2,000.00


£ 3,000.00


£ 4,000.00


£ 5,000.00


£ 6,000.00


£ 7,000.00


£ 8,000.00


£ 9,000.00 or more


How to participate.

In order to participate in a Debit Card Raffle competition you must be a Debit Card user and have an active Debit Card membership in place (Plus or Premium).

Every time you use your everup Debit Card to make a purchase you will be awarded a certain number of Debit Card Raffle Entries per £1.00 spent depending on your range of spending.

Each Thursday you automatically participate in a Debit Card Raffle Competition between the following times:

a) Start Time: entries accumulation starts every Wednesday at 00:00:00

b) End Time: entries accumulation ends Tuesday at 23:59:59

c) Draw date and time: each Wednesday at 17:00 with participating entries from the previous Wednesday until the day before (Tuesday) at 23:59:59.

Selection of Winners.

You will accrue entries throughout the week before the draw via all the debit card transactions performed during the week (Wednesday to Tuesday) which are not reversed or refunded.

a) Each raffle entry is allocated a unique reference number (“Raffle Reference“)

b) At each Weekly Draw, 1 (one) raffle reference is selected at random from all of the Raffle references allocated during that week.

c) If your Raffle Reference is selected, you will be eligible to win the advertised prize.

d) Details of the prizes available each week are set out on the Debit Card Raffle Competition page.

e) When you win the advertised prize you can select to receive such prize or receive a proposal for 3 alternative prizes (WYW) or an alternative cash offer.

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