Hi there 👋 My name is Piotr Gospodarczyk and I'm the 🤖 Chief Software Engineer at EVERYANGLE. Thank you so much for your interest in the EVERYANGLE Next Generation Footfall App. My team and I would like to welcome you to an exciting world of computer vision and technologies of tomorrow! You are now reading a short guide which will walk you through deploying our Next Generation Footfall App made for the awesome Cisco Meraki Smart Cameras.

This guide is also available as a video recording here (Thank you Karen 🙃).


So, what do you need to have in order to use our Next Generation Footfall App?

  • 📷 2nd Generation Cisco Meraki Smart Camera (MV12, MV12W, MV22, MV72)

  • 📜 MV Sense license (Learn more about MV Sense in this datasheet)

  • 🔒 Account with admin access to the Cisco Meraki Smart Camera

Step 1 of 8 - Log into Cisco Meraki Dashboard

Visit and enter your Dashboard Account details:

Step 2 of 8 -  Select Organization and Network

Well done! Now, select the Organization and then Network with MV Cameras.

Step 3 of 8 - Select the Smart Camera

Awesome! Your next task is to select Smart Camera for which you want to deploy Next Generation Footfall App. Please note that Next Generation Footfall App currently supports the following Smart Camera models: MV12, MV12W, MV22 and MV72.

Step 4 of 8 - Access Smart Camera Settings

Great stuff! Click on the "Settings" which is located at the very end of the subtabs.

Step 5 of 8 -  Access Sense in Settings

Good job! Click on the "Sense" located at the very end of the Settings tab.

Step 6 of 8 - Enable Sense API

You are almost there! There are only two more steps to go. Click on "Enabled" button next to the Sense API label. Please make sure to click on the "Save" button to remember current configuration settings.

Step 7 of 8 - Add MQTT Broker

You're amazing! This is the most challenging part of the entire process, but I'm very confident that you will succeed. Let's dive into it. Click on the "Add or edit MQTT Brokers" located underneath the MQTT Broker label.

Next, click on the "New MQTT Broker".

You will see the "Edit MQTT Broker" dialog window where you need to enter EVERYANGLE MQTT Broker details which you received from us in the confirmation email shortly after deploying the Next Generation Footfall App in our App Store.

Great! Now that we have the EVERYANGLE MQTT Broker details entered into all the fields it's time to check your Smart Camera can communicate with our MQTT Broker. The Edit MQTT Broker dialog window automatically revealed "Test connection" options.

Select your Smart Camera from the "Pick a camera" list and click on the "Test" button. I'm sure that you will see Connection successful message which confirms that your Smart Camera have made a connection with our MQTT Broker. If you were unable to connect to the EVERYANGLE MQTT Broker, please don't panic! Send our team a message and we will help you solve this issue. However, I will assume that everything is going well thus far and will continue guiding you through the last tasks of configuring your Smart Camera to use the EVERYANGLE Next Generation Footfall App.

Step 8 of 8 -  Select EVERYANGLE MQTT Broker

Keep up the good work! This is the final step after which you can enjoy your favourite hot beverage ☕. Let's do it! Click on the drop-down list beside MQTT Broker label and select EVERYANGLE MQTT Broker. Perfect! Last thing to do is to click on the "Save" button to confirm your selection. That's it! Well done ... you can now relax and let EVERYANGLE Next Generation Footfall App do all the hard work from now on.

My congratulations! ✨🎉 You have successfully deployed the EVERYANGLE Next Generation Footfall App. Thank you for your patience and please let me know if this guide was helpful for you. Hope to hear from you and enjoy the rest of your day 👋

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