Quarterly Meeting Agenda
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Meeting date:

Meeting attendees:

Attendance Team Meetings



Attendance Data Review

Data Presentation

Notes (Observations/Wonderings)

Data to include:

  • ADA by month Chronic absence rate

  • Data by subgroup/demographics

  • Percent of students in each attendance category:

    • Satisfactory (<5% absence)

    • At risk (5–9% absence)

    • Moderately chronic (10–19%)

    • Severely chronic (20–49%)

    • Extremely chronic (>49%)

Attendance Data Reflection

Given the unique challenges of the past two years, what are we most proud of about our attendance data?

What challenges are most evident in our current attendance data?

Do our attendance systems lead to accurate data collection?

When looking at attendance data by FRPL status, special education status, ELL status, race/ethnicity, and gender, what patterns of inequity exist? How can we adjust our systems to address these inequities?

Attendance Systems and Supports Reflection


  1. Individually complete the Attendance Systems and Supports Rubric.

  2. As a group, discuss strengths and/or improvements that the team has made over the past quarter.

  3. As a group, identify 1–3 areas of focus for the coming quarter. Create an implementation plan to improve in those areas.

Strengths/improvements from the last quarter:

Implementation Plan | Focus area 1: _______________


Completed by when?

Completed by whom?

Implementation Plan | Focus area 2: ________________


Completed by when?

Completed by whom?

Implementation Plan | Focus area 3: ________________


Completed by when?

Completed by whom?

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