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Privacy Settings for Events
Privacy Settings for Events
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We make it easy to control who can view and RSVP to your event. For each event, you'll see the following options:

Here's a breakdown of each option:

Show guest list for other guests

When enabled, your event page will include a tab for "Guests" which will show the names and photos of the folks who have RSVP'ed. This is a great option to enable for internal events because it shows team members which of their colleagues are also attending.


When enabled, your event will be listed in your dashboard's home page. This is a great option to provide more visibility to your event so your other team members can find and RSVP to your event. It's important to note that this will only appear in your company's dashboard (not outside of your company) unless you mark the event as public.


By marking an event public, you are able to share this event outside of your organization. When you invite guests or share the link, they will be brought to your event page, which will still be white-labeled and branded to your organization, and non-team members will be able to RSVP by adding their name and email address. We recommend enabling this option for things like meetup groups or happy hours where you are looking to bring in outside attendees. Note that this feature is only available to administrators of your organization.

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